Hansford Abstract Company 

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About Hansford Abstract Company

Hansford Abstract Company was established in 1905 at Hansford, Texas, also known as Old Hansford, by Judge A.F Barkley and has been continuously operated since 1905, giving Hansford Abstract Company the distinction of being the oldest business in the county.

P.A Lyon purchased the business in 1929 and was active in the operation of the abstract plant for the rest of his life. With the coming of the Santa Fe railroad in 1919 the townsite of Spearman was platted and along with most of the other Hansford business and professional offices, Hansford Abstract Company moved to Spearman and was located in a frame building at the Northwest corner of Main and Hancock Streets until 1935 when the brick building formerly occupied by First State Bank at 222 Main Street was purchased. The Main Street address was home base for Hansford Abstract Company until 1979 when the firm moved to the new office at 16 South Haney Street in Spearman, where it is still located today. 

Many social, economic and technological changes have transpired in the past 75 years. Early abstracts of land titles were copied by hand from public courthouse records, later giving way to manually operated typewriters, then electric typewriters, microfilming and photo copying and now we are computerized and working to have the majority of our records digitized. An abstract of title is basic to all land titles, being a compilation in logical form of all public documents affecting the ownership of land, including deeds, mortgages, mineral leases, probate of estates, divorce cases, and other litigation affecting ownership.

With the advent of federally insured housing loans after World War II, Hansford Abstract Company commenced handling title guaranty, commonly called title insurance, whereby title to a property is guaranteed for a specific dollar amount for the owner, and the lender or mortgagee is also guaranteed a first lien for the amount of the mortgage. For title guaranty purposes Hansford Abstract Company is an Agent for Stewart Title and First American Title.

From the early days of the horse and buggy homesteading pioneers to the present mechanized era of farming, ranching and oil, gas and mineral development, Hansford Abstract Company has provided the county professional land title service.

Hansford Abstract Company has been in the Lyon family for 87 years and is still owned by the Lyon Family today. Personnel at Hansford Abstract Company at this time include Donna McCubbin , Kimberly "Kimmi" Rivera and Anita Sumner. We believe that land is the basis of all wealth and that real estate has an everlasting value. Cognizant of these truisms, Hansford Abstract Company and its personnel look forward to a continuity of land title services for Hansford County.